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Subgrade Prep & Cement Stabilization

We provide the appropriate subgrade preparation for a perfect pavement surface.

Even with the appropriate application, a pavement surface is only as good as its subgrade underneath.The sub-grade soil serves as a working platform to support construction equipment, as well as the foundation of the pavement. Because it will carry the loads transmitted to it from the pavement structure, it is important that the sub-grade be properly graded and compacted. 

Go Asphalt provides grading and subgrade prep prior to asphalt paving. Rough grading includes cutting, scarifying and compacting a site to prepare for a construction project. During rough grading, spaces are excavated and back filled and the site is configured for proper drainage. In the final step, the drainage is perfected and final compaction is achieved. Cement Stabilization is recommended for high plasticity clay content to ensure long lasting pavement surfaces.

As a knowledgeable paving contractor, Go Asphalt will survey your proposed project, consult plans, anticipate problems, and suggest workable solutions. With the help of an experienced road builder, the result will be a solid & durable road offering comfortable passage for decades to come.



+ Commercial Subgrade Preparation
+ Industrial Subgrade Preparation
+ Subgrade Preparation
+ Cement Stabilization
+ Soil Stabilization
+ Final Grading & Compaction

To learn more about our subgrade prep & cement stabilization services and cost, call (780) 686-5700 to speak to a project manager now, or Request a Quote.

The Process.

A professional estimator of Go Asphalt will survey the proposed area, assess its soil condition, stability, elevation and any water drainage issues. We will then be able to issue recommendations towards the work to be completed.

In order to provide a solid subgrade for paving, the clay content must be engineered fill capable of supporting vehicle loads. Cement Stabilization might be required depending on the type of clay and application of the pavement surface. Therefore, depending on the application (residential, commercial, municipal), we will scarify the subgrade to achieve proper moisture content and ensure maximum compaction. The surface will be final graded to ensure proper drainage.


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