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Gravel base


We provide the appropriate base work for a perfect pavement surface.

Even with the appropriate application, a pavement surface is only as good as its base underneath. Although gravel road construction can be done on any surface, long-lasting roadways require the right process. As with our sub-zero Canadian winters, any humidity and water present in the soil will expand upon the cold weather and will eventually damage the asphalt pavement. Weak areas with any presence of clay or dirt are potential problems waiting to happen.

Due to the high presence of clay within our Albertan soil, appropriate geotextile materials must be installed to create a barrier between the clay and the installed gravel sub-grade.

As a knowledgeable paving contractor, Go Asphalt will survey your proposed project, consult plans, anticipate problems, and suggest workable solutions. With the help of an experienced road builder, the result will be a solid, gravel road offering comfortable passage for decades to come.



+ Commercial Gravel Base Construction
+ Industrial Gravel Base Construction
+ Road Gravel Base Construction
+ Residential Driveway Construction
+ Sub-Grade Installation
+ Excavating Sub-Grade
+ Yard Paving
+ Line Painting & Curb Installation
+ Hauling Away Services
+ Aggregates Delivery

To learn more about our gravel / aggregate services and cost, call (780) 686-5700 to speak to a project manager now, or Request a Quote.

The Process.

A professional estimator of Go Asphalt will survey the proposed area, assess its soil condition, stability, elevation and any water drainage issues. We will then be able to issue recommendations towards the work to be completed.

In order to provide a solid base for paving, asphalt pavement cannot be installed directly on humid soil with any clay and dirt content as they will not provide stability and water drainage. Therefore, depending on the application (residential, commercial, municipal), we will excavate any extra material, compact & install the appropriate geotextile material. Once installed, the area will be backfilled with high-quality gravel or soil cement and compacted properly to achieve maximal compaction standards.


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