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Go Asphalt offers complete paving services for municipal projects all across the province of Alberta. 

With our experience within the industry and knowledgeable crew we are able to undertake municipal paving projects such as road paving/resurfacing, subdivisions paving and road maintenance projects.

With our growing list of impressive clients and builders within Alberta, we are proud to participate in any municipal paving project, help our communities and improve our roads.



+ Road Paving / Resurfacing
+ Subdivisions Paving
+ County Road Paving / Resurfacing
+ Bike and Pedestrian Paths
+ Highway Tie-Ins
+ Parking Lot Paving
+ Road Repairs & Patching
+ Line Painting & Curb Installation

For any tender offers, call (780) 686-5700 to speak to a project manager or send us any projects to .

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