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We provide full paving services to industrial businesses, builders, contractors, oilfield organizations, general contractors and more.

The industrial paving process differs from the commercial process, as these areas need to endure heavier traffic weight from heavy machinery and equipment. Again, every paving process is unique to what the customer wants to achieve; whether it is a new pavement, an overlay, asphalt repairs, etc. From design to construction, we will stand by our work and provide our experience and creativity to make any of your dream project come to life.

Go Asphalt can enhance your property with an attractive and functional pavement surface that will last for decades to come. We would love to show you both the quality and affordability of our work first hand, so call us today at (780) 686-5700 for a complimentary evaluation and quotation.



+ Industrial Paving
+ Parking Lot Paving / Parking Lot Construction
+ Construction Site Design & Paving
+ Access Road Paving
+ Parking Lot Resurfacing
+ Yard Paving
+ Line Painting & Curb Installation
+ Asphalt Repairs
+ Potholes Repairs
+ Asphalt Overlay / Asphalt Resurfacing
+ Catch Basin Repair
+ Sub-Grade Improvements
+ Gravel Work

To learn more about our residential paving services, call (780) 686-5700 to speak to a project manager now, or Request a Quote.

The Process.

A professional estimator of Go Asphalt will survey the proposed area, assess its soil condition, stability, elevation and any water drainage issues. We will then be able to issue recommendations towards the work to be completed.

Depending on the soil content, any clay or inappropriate material will be excavated to a depth of 30-100cm, geotextile materials will be installed and the area will be backfilled and compacted with new aggregate. If the soil already has a solid gravel base, appropriate compaction will be achieved.

Once the base work completed, the surface will be paved using 75-150mm of hot-mix asphalt (depending on traffic flow and weight) and compacted to proper standards.


At first, we will determine if the existing pavement surface has deteriorated due to its age, poor base condition or poor prior concrete and asphalt application. Clay, dirt and high humidity in the soil will involve some base work to be completed prior to paving.

Once any base work completed, the surface will be cleaned and a bonding agent will be applied to the existing pavement. The surface will be paved using 50-100mm of hot-mix asphalt (depending on traffic flow and weight) and compacted to proper standards.


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